United Way Workplace Campaign

United Way Contribution


Support Autism Society San Diego through the United Way workplace payroll deduction campaign.  This method of donating is ONLY available when your workplace has a United Way or other workplace campaign.  If so, you will receive a United Way form or payroll deduction form at your workplace.

Be sure to specify:

Autism Society San Diego 
4699 Murphy Canyon Road #101
San Diego, CA 92123

Campaign code# 95580

EIN: 93-1132987


If your place of business does not have a United Way or similar campaign, you can still donate on a recurring basis directly to Autism Society San Diego in any amount at any frequency. Click here to donate.

Now it is easier than ever to support autism in San Diego.  Even a small amount such as $5-$10 per week adds up quickly and goes a long way in supporting our programs.  Remember that dues and donations are tax deductible